Short Bio

Hannah Kirk ~ 1985

 Hannah Kirk is a faith-based artist. She expresses her faith in the form of art and uses her artwork to bless others. She also uses her art as a form of therapy for her recovery from Mental Health Disorders. 

Hannah was born in Surrey, and was the first baby born in the hospital for the year 1985 (and was in the local newspaper!). She lived in, Surrey, until age 9 when she moved to a small town in Berkshire. Still in the same town, she now lives with her husband and two daughters.

Hannah loved painting from a young age, but was diverted from pursuing a path as an artist by negative comments about her art until 2015 when she finally returned to her passion – Art – and has never been happier.

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Messy Paint and Paint Brushes and Pallet Knives

Messy Paint and Paint Brushes and Pallet Knives